Routing Training on Juniper

ISPAB have successfully organized a 3 days training &
workshop on Juniper Routing in association with IBPC. Advanced Technology
with Juniper will be introduced and the participants from different
ISP’s,IIG, IGW, TELCO and others private and public organizations will be
highly benefited.

This technical workshop was made up of lectures and hands-on lab exercise
to teach basic & Advance Juniper Routing Training and Workshop on Juniper
Routing.All topics will cover both theoretical and simulation based lab.

3 Days Custom Session

Day 1

Course Introduction

Junos Operating System Fundamentals
• The Junos OS
• Traffic Processing
• Platforms Running the Junos OS

User Interface Options
• User Interface Options
• The Junos CLI: CLI Basics
• The Junos CLI: Operational Mode
• The Junos CLI: Configuration Mode
Lab: The Junos CLI

Initial Configuration
• Factory-Default Configuration
• Initial Configuration
• Interface Configuration
Lab: Initial System Configuration

Secondary System Configuration
• User Configuration and Authentication
• System Logging and Tracing
• Network Time Protocol
• Archiving Configurations
Lab: Secondary System Configuration

Operational Monitoring and Maintenance
• Monitoring Platform and Interface Operation
• Network Utilities
• Maintaining the Junos OS
• Password Recovery
Lab: Operational Monitoring and Maintenance

Day 2

Routing Fundamentals

• Routing Concepts: Overview of Routing
• Routing Concepts: The Routing Table
• Routing Concepts: Routing Instances
• Static Routing
• Dynamic Routing

Routing Policy

• Routing Policy Overview
• Case Study: Routing Policy
Lab: Routing Policy

Protocol-Independent Routing
• Static Routes
• Aggregated Routes
• Generated Routes
• Martian Addresses
• Routing Instances
• Lab: Protocol-Independent Routing

Day 3

• OSPFv2 Review
• Link-State Advertisements
• Protocol Operations
• OSPF Authentication
• OSPF Multi-area Networks Lab

OSPF Areas
• Review of OSPF Areas
• Stub Area Operation
• Stub Area Configuration
• NSSA Operation
• NSSA Configuration
• Route Summarization
• OSPF Route Summarization Lab
MPLS Fundamentals

• MPLS Foundation
• Terminology
• MPLS Configuration
• MPLS Packet Forwarding
• Lab: MPLS Fundamentals

Venue: Grand Oriental Hospitality Ltd

Plot: 1/B, Road:23, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212.

Trainer: Mr. Rouen Menezes ,
Juniper, India

Thanks with Regards

Md.Emdadul Hoque
Secretary General
ISP Association of Bangladesh